- Care instructions

Care instructions

Care instructions for linen, cotton and wool textiles

Lapuan Kankurit textiles are divided into six groups based on the care instructions: 100% linen and half linen, linen terry, cotton textiles, wool and cotton blankets.

100% linen
Wash linen textiles in plenty of water separate from other laundry. Wash in 40°C using a gentle cycle. Do not spin or tumble-dry linen. Reshape whilst damp. Line dry in room temperature, since linen should not be dried too fast. If a linen textile is completely dry, it should be dampened before ironing. Roll a dampened textile into a plastic bag for several hours so that the moisture seeps in the fibre evenly. Iron or mangle the textile in the direction of the warp. 100% linen shrinks c. 7%. For example: linen table runners

Half linen
Wash in 40°C in plenty of water separate from other laundry, maximum of 60°C. Avoid hard spinning
and reshape whilst damp. Do not tumble-dry . Iron or mangle when still damp. Half linen shrinks c. 5%. For example: linen-cotton kitchen towels.

Linen terry
Wash new linen terry textiles before use. Wash in 40°C in plenty of water, maximum temperature 60°C, separate from other laundry. Linen fibres come off during the first washes, and this is why we recommend cleaning the lint trap after use. Do not use fabric conditioner. Light spin and reshape whilst damp. Linen terry shrinks c. 10% in the first wash. For example: linen terry bath towels.

Cotton textiles
Wash cotton textiles in plenty of 60°C water using a slow cycle. Avoid spinning since this will crease the fabric. Reshape textiles when wet. This is particularly important for cotton table runners, which should be stretched in the centre. Do not stretch from the sides. Iron and mangle when damp. Cotton shrinks c. 10%.

Wool blankets - Wool throws – pure new wool
Handwash, max. 30°C, or normal dry-cleaning. Wash the blanket in plenty of water. Apportion detergent into the water and let dissolve well. Immerse the blanket and wash immediately. Squeeze lightly. Do not scrub, stretch or wring out. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze most of the water. Press the blanket between towels until half-dry. Dry the blanket in an airy space, no tumbling. Iron blanket when damp or through a damp cloth, max. 150°C

Cotton blanket
Machine wash max 40°C, or normal dry-cleaning. Wash the blanket in plenty of water. Tumble drying possible, drying at lower temperature setting. Iron max 200°C.

Sauna pillow
Handwash 40°C or shower after use. Hang up to dry. Do not tumble-dry. Filling quickly drying
polystyrene grain. Keep away from the hot stove. Do not sleep in Sauna.

Stain removal
Use a clean, moist cloth to dab liquid stains immediately. Use a blunt knife to scratch off any dirt that flakes off. Rinse the stain from the underside with running water. Soak the textile in cold water to remove the stain. If the stain cannot be removed, rub enzyme-containing liquid detergent and continue soaking. Rub the stain lightly every now and then. Spray stain remover on any old/deep-seated stains and let it take effect according to the instructions on the packaging. Wash according to care instructions.
Difficult stains can be washed using the 80 °C washing cycle. White linen textiles may be bleached using chlorine bleach. Follow the dosage instructions on the packaging.

Download care instructions here (pdf)